At CES 2022, Samsung Neo QLED TVs offer sharper images and improved gameplay

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At CES 2022, Samsung Neo QLED TVs offer sharper images and improved gameplay


amsung has long been the world’s most popular TV manufacturer, and while it dabbles with distinctive models like The Frame art TV and gigantic, pricey Micro-LED TVs, its QLED models are its bread and butter. The business didn’t announce any major upgrades to its top-of-the-line Neo QLED models at CES 2022, but those televisions already provided a compelling high-end alternative to OLED TVs from LG and Sony, as seen by the superb Q90A I reviewed.

The 2022 Neo QLEDs, which come in 4K and 8K resolution, add additional features to their mini-LED, local dimming backlights. Shape Adaptive Light Control, for example, is touted to eliminate stray lighting by evaluating on-screen objects and adjusting the light accordingly.

At CES 2022, Samsung Neo QLED TVs offer sharper images and improved gameplay
Gaming center

Another, known as Object Depth Enhancer, uses extra processing to make the items stand out more from the backdrop. In my experience, these sorts of processing advancements have little effects at best, so I’ll wait till I can test a new model before passing judgment.

While the major reason to buy a high-end TV is for greater image quality, Samsung updated its 2022 Neo QLED and step-down TVs with a slew of new features. Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features:

Gaming center: A single dedicated menu area by one access for gaming, whether through the cloud or linked consoles, will debut later this year on “certain 2022 Samsung smart TV models.” At launch, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Utomik’s entire cloud gaming libraries will be available, and users will be able to attach third-party devices to the TV for quick play, no console or other gear necessary.

144Hz refresh rate for gaming: Select TVs will refresh at 144Hz with variable refresh rate to take advantage of the fastest visual output from high-end PC gaming cards.

New home screen: The primary home page has been redesigned to be full-screen and now includes a “continue viewing” playlist of movies and TV shows from several streaming services, as well as tailored suggestions.

Aggregation and purchase of NFTs: The option to purchase new NFTs (nonfungible tokens) and show those you already hold on the large screen is new for 2022

Samsung debuted solar panels: on its Remote controls last year, and for 2022, it will add the capacity to recharge by collecting radio waves from devices such as your Wi-Fi network and converting them to electricity.

Watch together: Similar to watch party applications on streaming providers, this function allows you to share your browsing experience with friends and family. It works with TV shows, video games, and more, according to Samsung, and it requires a camera on an enabled device or an extra webcam linked to the TV.

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