Your Phone Dying? Bad Cell Phone Battery Symptoms

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Bad Cell Phone Battery Symptoms

When phones work, they are fantastic. But what if our phone’s battery is dead?

You all agree with me, right? You are having issues with your phone’s battery, too. Let me warn you that you can avoid using it immediately if your phone bulges or swells up. If you see your phone bulging in the center or getting hot on or off the charger, you have a bad battery.

We all agree that a better battery is essential for a successful journey. A cell phone battery is one of the essential components because it keeps the user mobile. These days, various types of batteries are used in mobile phones, and the quality of the battery determines how much energy it can carry and, therefore, how long you can use the device on a single charge.

Cell phones are efficient and straightforward, and many people rely on them for a variety of reasons. Even though mobile phone models are constantly evolving, their batteries continue to malfunction at the most inconvenient times.

Do not worry because I have conducted thorough research about a dead phone battery symptom. All you need to do now is read the entire article and absorb all the pertinent details.

Bad cell phone battery symptoms & Signs

If you are wondering if your favorite device’s battery is failing, there is a rundown of all poor mobile phone battery symptoms here:

1. The Cell Phone Battery Charge Does Not Last:

You may be shocked to learn that you have so little charge left at first. As this becomes the new trend for your phone, the battery starts to drain, giving you plenty of time to note that it is running low.

2. There is a Rapid Decline in the Battery Life:

The speed at which a bad cell phone battery loses its charge is often one of the most noticeable signs. You can unplug your phone with a charge of 100 percent, but it will quickly drop to 80 percent or 90 percent.

Although it is not unusual for phones to lose a few percentage points of battery charge quickly, a drop of 10% or more is likely a sign that your battery is failing.

3. The Phone is Rapidly Overheating:

Though mobile phones can get hot when they are used, relentless heat can be a sign of a faulty battery. When your phone is charging, it is a good idea to check the temperature of your battery. If your battery’s temperature appears to rise every time you charge it, it is likely to fail.

4. The Phone is Swelling:

It is dangerous if your handset swells or bulges. Deteriorating cell phone batteries can burst and cause swelling. Stop using your phone if it shows any signs of swelling, and replace the battery.

5. An Outlet is Required to Charge Your Phone:

If your phone’s battery just works when plugged in, it is either dead or close to it. When you need to use your cell, you will need to stick close to a power source before you can arrange to get your battery replaced.

6. The Phone Restarts on its own:

It is a frustrating sign of a failing phone battery. If your phone restarts itself when you are doing something without prompting you, it is almost definitely time to replace it.

7. The Phone Displays Unreliable Battery Numbers:

While a battery is operating well, it is easy to recognize and anticipate how easily it will lose charge. However, when a battery is damaged, it will often shut down suddenly, even though there seems to be plenty of battery life left. It is a telltale sign of a dead phone battery.

8. The Phone Has no Power at All:

Your mobile phone battery may still be dead if it does not charge after being plugged in. To make sure that you are dealing with a battery issue rather than an adapter issue, try checking the charger with another phone.


You can do some things to extend the life of your cell phone battery if you know it is struggling to keep and retain power. Avoid charging your phone too frequently, for example. When you charge a battery from a fully depleted state, it holds its charge longer.

If you are used to charging your mobile every day, consider charging it every other day or when the battery is completely depleted. Also, stop leaving your phone in extremely hot or cold conditions, as these will kill your battery prematurely.

We hope that these signs of a bad cell phone battery help determine if your phone needs to be repaired or whether you need a new battery.

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