Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails

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Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails
Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails

Archiving emails can significantly enhance the performance of your Outlook. Sometimes you have a lot of emails that you cannot receive anymore, but the problem is, you cannot delete the old emails as they are essential.

In this case, archiving plays a vital role. You can create a local folder on which you can archive different emails according to dates or anything you want—another way is by using the free cloud archive storage offered by Outlook.

As we will discuss the best way, we will create a local folder to archive our files. So let’s get right into the topic.

Step 1

Firstly as you already know, you need to go to and access your emails. Once you are inside here, you can see various options, so don’t get confused.

Step 2

Now return to your desktop and right-click on the screen. From here, you will create a new folder where you can save all the archived emails. You can also name it Archived so that you’ll know all your emails are in here.

Step 3

Now go back to Outlook and go to the File menu on the top bar somewhere. In here, you will go inside the info option. Now, if you are using outlook 2013, you’ll see the Cleanup Tools options, then from where you will select the Archive option and then direct them to the folder you created in the last step.

But if you are using outlook 2016, you will see the tools menu inside which you have to click the Cleanup Old Items option.

Step 4

When you click these options, a prompt will appear on which you will select the Archive all folders and subfolders option. You can also set the date, and all the files older than it will be archived in the chosen folder.

Now press > Ok, and you are done. You have successfully archived the emails and have saved up space for future files and emails. You can also archive all these emails on cloud-based storage, but local storage is much more preferred due to the accessibility.

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You see, that was pretty easy. You can archive the essential emails and read them whenever you want. You can also turn off or on the auto-archive according to your requirements. It will surely enhance the performance of your Outlook.

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