Can You Delete a Snapchat Group

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Can You Delete a Snapchat Group

Snapchat is the most popular and trending social media app used to capture photos and for video messaging. The app offers many unique features. Recently, Snapchat has introduced an amazing feature of Group Chat.

But sometimes, it becomes difficult to continue these silly talks, and everyone searches for a little space. So, are you searching for can you delete a Snapchat group? And if yes, let me tell you it is very easy and simple.

Can You Delete a Snapchat Group?

You can easily remove the group if you are a group administrator without deleting the members manually. And once you have deleted the group, no one could be able to read the group chats. To delete the group:

  • Open the Snapchat
  • you need to type the name of the group in the search bar
  • Open the menu
  • Tap the Delete Group

And if you are not an administrator, you can leave the group but cannot delete it. So, follow the given steps to leave the Group Chat:

  • Tap and hold the chat
  • Tap the trash-bin icon
  • It will permanently delete the chat from the chat list and chat history.

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