Fitbit Charge HR Update Stuck

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Fitbit Charge HR Update Stuck
Fitbit Charge HR Update Stuck
Fitbit Charge HR Update Stuck

Like all other electrical devices, your Fitbit charge can also encounter some serious issues. I have seen this many times when the Fitbit Charge HR update stuck, and customer support doesn’t know what to do.

My Fitbit charge got stuck on the update screen as well. I tried many methods, but my Fitbit Charge didn’t work. I tried restarting, resetting, and anything that I can think of, but it didn’t work. I became hopeless and put the Fitbit away in the drawer to stay forever.

After a year, I came across my Fitbit, so I tried again because it was just lying useless. Fortunately, my Fitbit started working. I thought of sharing the way with you so that if your Fitbit gets stuck, you’ll know what to do.

Steps to Getting Rid of the Stuck Update Screen

These are the steps that you need to follow to get rid of the update screen. It will continue the update, and your Fitbit will be ready to be used again.

Step#1: Disconnect the Bluetooth

The First thing that you need to do is disconnect the Bluetooth. In this way, the connection between the app and the Fitbit will be broken. Make sure you go into the Bluetooth setting and then into the Fitbit name, so Forget the Device completely.

Step#2: Disconnect the Fitbit from Mobile App

Now open your Fitbit app and forget the Device. You need to disconnect your Fitbit device from your Device so that the stuck screen can go away.

Step#3: Connect your Fitbit to a Power Source

Now connect your Fitbit to a power source. You can connect it to its charger, but if you want to connect it to your laptop or computer, you can do that also. It should only be connected to a power source; it doesn’t matter what that will be.

Step#4: Search for your Fitbit Device and Connect it

Now open your Fitbit app and start searching for your Device again. Keep the Fitbit close to your mobile so it can easily trace it. In around 30 seconds, your app will trace the Fitbit and connect it again.

For me, after the stuck update screen started to work again and it completed the update. I devised these steps for my friends as well, and to my surprise, it worked for all of them. So it means it will also work for you.

I am pleased to share these steps with you because I have seen many people going through this, and they couldn’t even find a valid way to fix this issue. I hope this will help you in recovering your Fitbit.

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I hope you don’t face this issue, but unfortunately, if you do someday, it is better to know how you can get rid of it. Many people tested these steps and ways, so you can rest assured that these will work for you as well.

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