How do I Reactivate My Gofundme Account

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How do I Reactivate My Gofundme AccountHow do I Reactivate My Gofundme Account
  • What to Know?

Many people ask, how can I reactivate my Gofundme account? Here is the easiest answer. But before, it is necessary to know why your account has turned to the inactive mode?

If you do not use your Gofundme fundraiser account for one year, the fundraiser will automatically inactivate it. I know, you wouldn’t like to keep your account in inactive mode. So, I suggest you use your account frequently.

  • Important note: If you’ll delete your fundraiser it’ll show your Gofundme account inactivate in the dashboard.


If it has been inactivated, you need not worry about this situation. Because I’m here to make you aware of it. There are three quick ways:

How do I Reactivate My Gofundme Account?

  • You can reactivate your account with the help of customer service support if the fundraiser has funds in your account. And you want to withdraw those funds.
  • The second scenario in which you can get back your account activated is that your fundraiser is only less than 6 months old. The help center will activate it.
  • Thirdly, you should update a post in your account or you should thank the donors. This can help you make your account activated.

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