How Do I Remove An Account From Google Sign-in?

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How Do I Remove An Account From Google Sign-in?
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  • Account icon> signout all accounts
  • Signout all accounts>remove an account>yes

Google is offering many products and services to facilitates its user. For example, Sign-in with Google is a secure service that reduces the burden of login for your users. It enables its user to sign in with their Google account—the same account they already use with Gmail, Playstore, Photos, and other Google services.

Using the option to sign in with Google is safe. Google’s robust security and OAuth system provide better protection than current poor password practices. However, maybe you have more than one account, and you want to remove one of them from Google sign-in. So this article will solve your issue. Here are details:

How do I remove an account from Google sign-in

  • Click the account icon shows on the upright corner of the screen.
  • Click “Sign out of all accounts”(All accounts option will be in case you have two or more accounts sign-in on one device)
  • Click “Remove an account.”
  • choose which one you want to remove.
  • Click Yes, and that’s it

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