How Do I Remove My Instagram Account I’ve Added

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How Do I Remove My Instagram Account I’ve Added
  • What To Know?
  • Select your profile picture on the bottom-right of your Instagram profile.
  • On top-right, select “settings.”
  • Select “Login Info.”
  • For the account, you want to remove, tap on next to that account.
  • Click “remove.”

Many people use more than one social media accounts. Sometimes it is fun to use multiple accounts, but at times it gets irritating. So if your problem is, “how do I remove an Instagram account I’ve added, but I don’t wish to keep that anymore,” here’s the guide.

How Do I Remove My Instagram Account I’ve Added?

Here’s how to remove an Instagram account that you do not want to use.

  • Open the app and tap on the Instagram profile picture in the bottom-right corner.
  • There is a down-arrow right next to your Instagram username.
  • Tap on the account that you want to remove from the list showing on the screen.
  • Move to the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Select on “gear” icon or “settings” from the menu.
  • Select “logout” on the screen bottom. Then, once again, click on “logout” in the popup window to ensure that you want to remove your account. (In this final step, you can remove more accounts that you have and you do not wish to keep them anymore).

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