How To Block Adobe From Accessing The Internet

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How To Block Adobe From Accessing The Internet
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Adobe is a professional photo editor which is well known for its flexibility, power, and precision. Graphic designers and photographers have been using this tool for decades, and all of them love the precision it offers you. Certain features or adobe software require an internet connection to perform all the functions, which could be problematic for several users.

Therefore, many professionals search how to block Adobe from accessing the internet. To do so, you need to follow a few steps, and that’s it even without getting additional software.

How To Block Adobe From Accessing The Internet

To block Adobe from using the internet, follow the given steps:

  • Press Windows-W and then type firewall and choose the Windows Firewall from the option available.
  • Go to Advanced Settings from the left pane, and this way, you can open the Windows Firewall along with Advanced Security.
  • Click at Inbound Rules, then click New Rule, and this way, you can open the New Inbound Rule wizard. Click at Port and then choose Next.
  • Click TCP, then enter 1935 into the Specific Local Ports field and click Next.
  • Here, you can Block the Connection and click Next. You can disable the Port or select public network or private network and then click Next.
  • Enter the name like Adobe Media Server into the Name, Field, and then at the end, click Finish.
  • By following the same process, you can also create the new rules but choose UDP when prompted.
  • Select Outbound Rules, click New Rule, follow the instructions, and black the TCP 1935 and UDP 1935 once again.

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