How To Cancel AIRBNB Booking Without Penalty

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How to cancel the AIRBNB booking without penalty? Well, everyone used to ask the same question before the cancellation of the booking. You can cancel the booking without penalty as a guest, and if you are the host, you will have to pay for that.

You will not be able to make the bookings for those days on AIRBNB. But no need to get panic. It is an easy process. Just follow some straightforward steps just as described here.

How To Cancel AIRBNB Booking Without Penalty

Follow these steps to cancel your reservation, whether it is a pre-approval, instant booking, or a confirmed reservation.

Cancel A Pre-Approval Booking

  • Go to your inbox
  • Now choose the conservation with your potential guest
  • Finally, select the Withdraw Pre-Approval, and that’s it.

Cancel An Instant Booking

  • Go to the reservation in
  • And then select the reservation which you want to delete
  • You can choose to cancel or change
  • Here, you need to provide a reason to choose that you are not comfortable with the reservation. Or you can also say that guest has broken your House Rules.  So, this way you will not have to pay any penalty.

Cancel The Confirmed Booking

If you have to cancel a confirmed reservation, follow these steps:

  • Go to reservations
  • Select modify or cancel next to the reservations
  • And at the last click on Cancel

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