How to cancel Equifax account

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How to cancel Equifax account
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You’ve come to the right spot if you’re seeking advice on how to cancel Equifax account. I’ll show you how to accomplish precisely that in this post. Most individuals join up for Equifax to examine their credit ratings and have no intention of paying more than £7 per month to do so, therefore they try to cancel their Equifax account, but it appears to be far more difficult than required. In the United Kingdom, there are two options for canceling your Equifax account.

  • Contacting Equifax’s customer service
  • On your online dashboard, you can cancel Equifax.

Contacting Equifax’s customer service

Calling Equifax customer service to cancel your Equifax account is definitely not the best option; it takes a lot more time and effort than just login into a dashboard and quitting your Equifax account.

This will be your only choice if you haven’t been able to locate the Equifax cancel option on your smartphone. Equifax customer service may be reached at 0800 014 2955* or 0333 321 4043**. The Equifax customer service staff is accessible from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed from 3 p.m. on December 24 to 8 a.m. on December 27). Before your Equifax account may be cancelled, you must first authenticate your identity with the equifax customer service staff.

You’ll be asked several security questions to the respondents, and if you pass, you’ll be asked what you’re calling for. Tell the customer support representative that you want to terminate your Equifax account right away and that you’d need an email confirmation that your account has been cancelled. You should also check to see if any additional charges will be made to your credit card. After that, Equifax should discontinue your service at the conclusion of the current membership month. You won’t be able to get any further notifications or access into your Equifax account after your service has been discontinued.

Cancel Equifax on your online dashboard

The quickest and most convenient way to cancel Equifax is through your online dashboard. To do so, just enter into your Equifax account, click the My Accounts page, then the Product Management choice on the left, and finally, cancel your account. You will no longer get security alerts or be able to check your Equifax credit score after your account has been deleted. You’ll still have access for the month you’ve paid for, but there will be no more charges.

Cancellation by mail

There is one last option for cancelling your Equifax account, although it is not very reliable. You can close your Equifax account by writing to Equifax and requesting that your account be closed. You will be required to supply identification papers as well as account information. Make sure you send your letter using tracker mail so you can see when it arrives.

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