How to change promo code on uber?

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How to change promo code on uber?
  • What to know?
  • Open uber App > Menu > payment option.
  • Scroll to buttom > click “Add Promo”> tap Add.

Have an Uber promo code but don’t know what to do with it? We’re here to assist you! If you enter it before a trip ends, the promotion amount will be added to the fare for that trip.

How to change promo codes on uber?

Promotions change every week, and offers will differ depending on the city and driver. If there are no promotions available on a specific day, come back another day because deals are refreshed weekly.

Do you have an Uber promo code that allows you to get a discount or a free ride? To take advantage of their special offers, apply the code to your Uber account at any time before or during your trip in four easy steps:

  • In the top left corner of your Uber app, tap the menu button.
  • Choose the ‘Payment’ option.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’ option.
  • Tap “Add” after entering your promo/gift code.

How to change promo code on uber is as same as applying a promo code. That concludes our discussion. Your account will be updated with the coupon code you entered, so go ahead! You can now book a trip and relax while riding!

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