How to Connect CCTV Camera to PC without DVR

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How to Connect CCTV Camera to PC without DVR.

If you are worried about thieves and burglars, then installing a CCTV can be your best shot. But can a CCTV be installed without a DVR? We are here to guide you that how to Connect CCTV Camera to the PC without DVR.

Yes, Absolutely.

Some CCTV cameras are easy to handle and connect, but a few can cause a little trouble for you. But don’t worry, the ways I am going to show you in this tutorial how to connect CCTV Camera to PC without DVR. It will help you.

Let’s get started to install the camera as soon as possible and have peace of mind.

Two Ways to Connect CCTV Camera to PC without DVR

Now that you have bought the all-important CCTV camera according to your requirements, let us move onto the ways to connect it. If you haven’t bought one yet, head over to Amazon or any other marketplace and buy the one that suits your requirements.

There are two significant ways by which you can connect your CCTV camera with your Pc without a DVR.

Follow the steps with me, and you’ll be done in no time.

1.      By UID Method

The First and the most used method for connecting a CCTV camera is the UID Method. Every CCTV camera has a specific or unique identifier.

We will be going to use it to connect the camera with our Pc for live monitoring. Your camera needs to be compatible with P2P technology to work correctly.

Now Run to the market and buy a CCTV camera if you haven’t bought one already. Then open your computer or PC and download the camera’s software on a CD or any other device.

Suppose he hasn’t, Go to the official website of the product and download the recommended software. If your CCTV supports cloud storage, then you may need to pay a certain amount to store that footage inside the cloud storage.

You can also store all the footage in your local computer store. Now once the software is downloaded, Launch it. A screen will appear in front of you.

Here you will add the UID code along with the password to connect the device with your PC. Now you can click the camera and watch the live footage over the internet from wherever you want.

You only need the camera to be connected to your device. Then wherever you are in the world, you can monitor all the activities live from your Pc.

2.      By Port Forwarding

If your CCTV camera is not compatible with P2P technology, you can use the second method to connect that CCTV camera with your Pc. But in this, you will be monitoring all the activities from the web browser.

You need to find the Ip address of your CCTV camera first. You can find that in the device settings. Here you will see the network status tab where the Ip address will be available.

Now you need to find the ‘HTTP Port’ and ‘RTMP Port.’ For it, again go into the device settings. Now go to network status and then advance settings.

You will see a setup option here. Click on it and then go into the Port settings. You can see that the last two rows will be HTTP and RTMP ports.

Once you are done, go to your web browser and write the Ip address in the following format “https://(your WAN IP):(httpport).” Now you are all done monitoring the area remotely.

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Have you installed the CCTV yet? If not, then go for it now. I have discussed both the ways in a few easy steps so you could do them right away. If you have followed every step, you would have connected your device till now.

Now you can use this CCTV to know what’s happening around your workspace and keep an eye on an office thief.

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