How to Connect Chromecast to Hotspot

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How to Connect Chromecast to Hotspot
How to Connect Chromecast to Hotspot
How to Connect Chromecast to Hotspot
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  • What to Know
  • Find a dedicated mobile phone to use as a secondary device. Go to mobile settings > Tethering and Mobile Hotspot > Mobile Hotspot.
  • Select a name and password> Enable the mobile hotspot. Now in your home App, connect the Chromecast with it.
  • Use another device to connect to the Wifi-hotspot. Now both the devices have the same wifi network, so you can mirror and cast anything now.

For the Chromecast to work, you need to connect the Chromecast and the device you want you cast with the same network. In your home, it becomes pretty effortless as both the devices are already connected to the wifi.

But what if you are traveling? In that case, you need to have a secondary method to use your Chromecast. The second method is connecting the devices to a mobile hotspot. If you don’t know how that’s done, I am here to guide you on how to connect Chromecast to hotspot.

So let’s get right into the topic.

How to Connect Chromecast to Phone Hotspot

It would be a relief that a Chromecast connects to hotspot, but it will only work if the other device is connected to the hotspot as well. This method comes in handy when you don’t have any other resources to make your Chromecast work.

Using Chromecast with hotspot can be challenging for some people, especially for those who are not familiar with the mobile phones’ technical working. So that’s where I come in. Follow the instructions below to start watching your favourite show.

  • Select a dedicated secondary device, such as the mobile phone in our case.
  • Go into the mobile settings. Here, Go to the Tethering and Mobile Hotspot option. Your phone might have the option of Portable Hotspot instead.
  • Now, go to the Setup Portable Hotspot option and set up a username and password for your hotspot. Then tap on the tick-mark on the top right corner.
  • Now in the previous tab, swipe right the option that says Portable Hotspot. Now your device has started sharing the wifi.
  • Go to the Google Home app. Now, connect your Chromecast with the wifi you have just created.
  • Now take another phone that you will use as the casting device and connect it to the portable hotspot.
  • Both the devices are now connected to the same network, so you can proceed further and mirror the device on the TV the way you do it at your home.

How to Connect Chromecast to Public wifi or Hotel wifi

Now that you know, the Chromecast and mobile hotspot are both compatible; you should also know how to use the free wifi in hotels to use your Chromecast. If your hotel room has a TV with an HDMI port and a free wifi connection that doesn’t require anything except the password, it would be easy to set up the device on it.

If you get stuck, and your Chromecast doesn’t seem to connect to the wifi even after continuously trying, it may be due to the security and performance tools in place that don’t allow such devices to work correctly. In this case, your best option is the Chromecast wifi hotspot.

Can Chromecast connect to hotspot?

I always had the doubt that does Chromecast work with hotspot? When I researched it, I found that you can turn your mobile phone into portable wifi to use your Chromecast anywhere in the world.

If you too have the same doubt and confusions, you should read out the article thoroughly. And you’ll know how it is done so that whenever you go on a vacation again, you can easily use your Chromecast.


So that’s that. Now you know that if you are traveling, you can use this method to use your Chromecast anywhere you want. You can also carry a portable router for your Chromecast, so you don’t have to make your mobile a hotspot device, but that’s totally your decision.

My work was to provide you with the exact means by which you can quickly connect the Chromecast to a phone hotspot, and I have done my part well. Now it’s up to you what you choose to do, either buy a router or use your phone as portable wifi.

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