How to delete a craigslist account

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  • Craigslist provides a highly prominent platform for small businesses to promote job openings and services in various sectors, from automotive to legal.

Every month, users on Craigslist publish more than 50 million posts, according to the company. With a registered account, you or your business may have utilized Craigslist in the hiring process or to identify local goods and services. Still, your options for canceling your account are restricted. There is no easy method to delete a registered account on Craigslist.

There are many ways you can follow how to delete a craigslist account. Follow the below simple methods to delete your craigslist account.

Let the account expire

Allowing your Craigslist account to expire is the simplest way to cancel it. Go in, delete all of your postings and draughts, and then wait.

Contacting the Craigslist Help Desk through email

Another option is to enter into your Craigslist account and go to the “help pages” section. Craigslist Help Desk will receive your message if you scroll down to the “Contact Us” link and complete the email form.

How to delete a craigslist account is not a difficult task.  It will be easier to delete the account if you have access to your departed loved one’s login and password.

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