• What To Know?
  • Go to the “delete account” page.
  • Select “delete your account.”
  • Fill “delete your account” form.

If you have created a second Instagram account in the past, that will be linked to your previous Instagram. If it gets confusing to use two accounts, you can delete one of your Instagram accounts and continue with one. It is not complicated to delete a linked Instagram account and continue with another one.

How To Delete A Linked Instagram Account?

Here is the guide about how to delete a linked Instagram account and continue with one Instagram.

  • First, go on to the “delete your account” page on Instagram Help Center (You can only log in to the Instagram Help center on a browser, not on the Instagram app).
  • Click on “delete your account.” There you will see information related to how to delete an account. This way, you will lose your followers who are following you on that account.
  • Complete the “delete your account.” Here you will be required to re-enter the password one last time.

If the concern is to remove one of the linked accounts, you can log out from one account and continue with another.

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