How To Delete A Roblox Group

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How To Delete A Roblox Group
  • What To Know?
  • Groups section > Select > Leave Group

Roblox is a gaming and chatting platform for gamers. It is a social platform where you can bond up with like-minded users. Users have the option to create a group and invite other players. Here, they can interact with other groups or engage in discussions, and much more.

But if you want to delete the group, the news is, that is not possible. Instead, there are several options, such as leaving the group or handing it over to a member, or leaving it without members and an owner.

How To Delete A Roblox Group

Following are the steps to answer your question about How To Delete A Roblox Group:

  • Go to the Groups section that is located on the left navigation panel
  • Choose your group
  • Tap on the “Leave Group” option

Make sure that another user does not take over your group. For this, you must be the last member to leave. Thus, you are leaving before other members will allow any remaining members to claim group ownership.

How to kick someone from your Roblox group

You can remove a member from the group by:

  • Clicking on the > Gear next to their icon and >Selecting ‘Kick User’.

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