How to delete a save file on Pokemon SoulSilver

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How to delete a save file on Pokemon SoulSilver
  • What to know?
  • Start playing> main menu.
  • The main menu> start.
  • Hold down “Up,” “B,” > Select simultaneously.
  • Yes > then save.

In 2009, the Nintendo DS game “Pokemon Soul Silver” release. Multi-save file functionality may never be available in Pokemon games. There is only one save file included with “soul silver.” After all these years, players can still only have one active save file at a time, and you’ll have to erase your old one to start a new one.

If you want to restart the game with a new save file, you must first erase the old one. All collected Pokemon acquired stuff, and your character will destroy whenever you’re to save is deleted. From the main menu, there’s no way to erase your save. A particular combination of buttons must be pressed and held to erase a stored game.

How to delete a save file on Pokemon Soul Silver

Below are simple steps on how to remove a save file on pokemon SoulSilver:

  • Start playing “Pokemon SoulSilver” on your Nintendo DS.
  • To go to the main menu, press “Start” on the title screen.
  • Hold down “Up,” “B,” and “Select” at the same time.
  • Choose “Yes.” Your saved information will be lost forever.

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