How to delete Bitly Link

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How to delete Bitly Link
  • What to know?
  • Loggin into account > enter URL to hide.
  • Select URL  > choose Edit > hide link.
  • Edit slide bar appears>  click confirm > link will be hidden.

Many people asked the question of how to delete Bitly Link? If you want to remove a Bitly link, I’m sorry you won’t be able to.

Delete Bitly link isn’t possible right now. A link can’t be erased or archived once it’s shortened in Bitly. You can archive a link so that it doesn’t appear in your Manage listings, but it won’t stop someone who already has the link from using it. It can, however, be hidden or diverted.

How to delete Bilty Link is not possible; instead, how to hide Bitly Link is possible. When someone clicks on a hidden link, it will still work, but it will not appear on your Bitly pages or analytics.

How to delete Bitly Link

  • Search for the URL you wish to hide in your Bitly account.
  • Choose that link and then choose the Edit option.
  • Click on the Hide Link in the Edit sidebar that appears.
  • Hide the link by clicking the Confirm button.
  • In your Bitly dashboard, the selected link will be hidden.

You’ll prompt to confirm. Your link will no longer appear in your Bitly dashboard once you’ve done so. Users will still access the Bitly link, but you will no longer have to see it.

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