How to Delete Blocked Accounts on Instagram

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How to Delete Blocked Accounts on Instagram
  • What to Know:
  • Go to privacy area > see list of prohibited users > block accounts

Because I noticed that many of you were looking for information on how to delete blocked accounts on Instagram, I felt compelled to write an article about it. Instagram, like any other social media platform, features a blocking tool that stops users from seeing your profile, story, or posts.

There are numerous reasons to block someone, but they all end up on a single list where they are out of sight and out of mind.

How to Delete Blocked Accounts on Instagram

Step By Step Guidance:

  • On Instagram, go to the “Privacy” area of your profile settings to see your list of prohibited users.
  • Instead of looking for each blocked account individually, the list allows you to see all of the accounts you’ve ever blocked in one place.
  • Any blocked Instagram account will take you to their profile page, where you can enable them.

On Instagram, how do you unblock someone?

  • What to Know:
  • Look for blocked user > Tap device to unblock > unblock user > view profile

For all compatible versions of iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android (Samsung, Google, etc.) and Windows, use the Instagram app to remove someone from your list of blocked users follow this step by step Guidance given below.

Step By Step Guidance:

  • In Instagram, look for the blocked user.
  • To unblock a profile, tap on it.
  • Unblock the user and confirm that you want to unblock them.
  • You may now view the user’s profile and choose to follow them if you do choose.


What happens if someone on Instagram blocks you?

You can’t interact with the person who blocked you on Instagram once you’ve been blocked. You won’t be able to find them in search, and you won’t be able to see their posts or Stories in your feed. You can still tag the account, but it will not appear in their activity feed.

Is it possible to soft block someone on Instagram?

The similar process works on Instagram, and there are other types of soft block as well. You can, for example, only show your Story to certain people. They’ll have no idea what they’re missing. Soft block usually consists of blocking and then immediately unblocking.

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