How to delete chat on google docs

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How to delete chat on google docs
  • What to know?
  • Tap on the chat button > click Delete.
  • Click History> browse chat history.
  • Click actions > drop-down menu.
  • Click delete > Chat and attachments delete.

The majority of workplaces seek to foster a collaborative and team-oriented culture.

Professionals can now quickly develop a collaborative work atmosphere with the help of online word processors. The Google Docs chat function allows users to talk in real-time, whether they want immediate feedback or need to collaborate with their team remotely.

You can permanently erase chat conversations from the History tab.  You can either delete the chat or delete individual attachments from a chat. Chats and attachments that delete are permanently lost and cannot be retrieved. Only Administrators can delete chat on google docs.

How to delete chat on google docs    

Follow the simple, easy steps on how to delete chat on google docs:

  • To erase a chat, including any attachments, click the Delete button.
  • Click History from the Chat dashboard.
  • To delete a chat, select the check box next to it.
  • See Browsing old chats in History for information on how to find previous conversations.
  • Click Actions from the drop-down menu.
  • The chat, as well as any attachments, will be erased forever and will not be recoverable.

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