How to Delete Credit Card from your Amazon Account

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How to Delete Credit Card from your Amazon Account
  • What to Know:
  • Log In to Amazon Account > click your account option > tap payment choices button > select your card transactions > choose a card to remove > confirm removal

Online shopping has become a significant need that has simplified our lives. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has confined people to their homes, online shopping companies such as Amazon have offered a great comfort to the people by offering critical services to consumers despite the lockdown. I saw that many of you were looking for information on how to delete a credit card from your Amazon account.

E-commerce web page Amazon has a lot of advantages. You may pick from a range of things and read customer reviews before making your purchase. Amazon also allows you to make a payment online, where you may keep your credit card information, saving you time. However, owing to security or other reasons, a user may desire to erase his credit card information from his Amazon account. The instructions below will guide you through the process of removing credit card information with little effort.

How to Delete Credit Card from your Amazon Account

Step By Step Guidance:


What is the procedure for removing a payment method from the Amazon app?

Select Payment choices from the drop-down menu under Your Account. Choose one of the following options: Select the correct link beneath the payment method you wish to add to add a payment method. To change or delete a payment method, click Edit or Remove from the drop-down arrow beside the appropriate payment option.

What is the time frame for closing an Amazon account?

Here’s how you can get rid of your Amazon account. The email should arrive “within 12-24 hours,” according to Amazon, although it should arrive far sooner. Unfortunately, even after all of that, cancelling your account will take some further effort. The email will direct you to this website to contact Amazon.

How to get rid of my Amazon order history?

In the upper right corner of the screen, choose “Returns and Orders.” You’ll find a list of the items you’ve ordered in the previous three months here. After you’ve located the order you wish to hide or remove, click “View Order Details.” To conceal it, click on “Archive Order.”

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