How To Delete Group Chat On Snapchat

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How To Delete Group Chat On Snapchat

Group chats let the users stay in touch with their friends and chat with more than 63 friends at the same time and share their beautiful moments. But most people search for how to delete a group chat on Snapchat? Snapchat automatically deletes all of your messages after 24 hours. But, if you want to delete the messages before any group member views them that is also possible. You need to follow very few simple and easy steps.

  • How To Delete Group Chat On Snapchat

Deleting the message means all the group members would not be able to see whatever you have sent. So, if you have just sent the messages which you were not willing to do so follow the simple steps:

  • Open Snapchat
  • and then swipe right to visit the Friends page
  • Select the chat column to check all the ongoing chats you have
  • You can choose the messages you have already send, or you can also choose a new message
  • Now choose the message which you want to delete, tap the message and hold it for sometime
  • Select delete and message has been deleted

No one is going to see this message ever again

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