How to delete Instagram search suggestions

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How to delete Instagram search suggestions

Instagram makes every effort to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible. If you don’t know it, Instagram collects all of your information, knows your favorite Instagram profiles, collects your search queries, and knows your favorite content.

Many people, however, consider it an invasion of their privacy. Because they may be perusing something that they subsequently feel embarrassed about or don’t want their soul to know about. Clearing your search history is the solution. So they search on google on how to delete Instagram search suggestions.

We are here to make you comfortable with three easy steps on “how to delete Instagram search suggestions.” follow these simple steps to delete suggestions.

  • Tap on the search icon in the Instagram app.
  • Then, at the top, tap the search bar. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll see the search suggestions and history.
  • There will now be an x icon next to each suggestion. By tapping on it, you can delete that account or hashtag from the Suggested or Recent area.

When you delete a hashtag, it will no longer appear when you search for it on Instagram.

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