How To Delete Ludo King Account

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How To Delete Ludo King Account
  • How to delete the ludo king account? Follow this step-by-step guide to delete your Ludo King Account; you can follow these steps and delete your account. Well, there could be several possible reasons for you to delete the Ludo king account, and one of the possible reasons is email spamming. It is a popular game, and you can play it using different platforms, including iOS, Windows, Androids, and Desktop. Whatever is the reason, you can delete your account by just following very easy and simple steps just as described here.

How To Delete Ludo King Account

The users can send the request to the company and ask them to delete their account. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Open your email account, which has been registered along with the application.
  • Please write your email and send it to
  • In subject write Request To Delete My Account
  • Please write the reason in an email requesting them to delete your account
  • Well, there is another very simple way to delete your account; you can also follow that one:
  • Go to Account
  • Go to settings
  • Click at Support Email
  • Fill contain the Email form and send it to submit your request to delete your account.
  • And you can also delete your account from Facebook, and to do so, follow these steps:
  • Log In to your Facebook account
  • Tap on Settings and then tap on Instant Games
  • Tap on Ludo King Game
  • And at last, tap on Remove to permanently unlink the game from your account.

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