How To Delete Marco Polo Video

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How To Delete Marco Polo Video
  • What To Know?
  • Conversation > Select video or Polo
  • Polo thumbnail > tap and hold the thumbnail
  • Confirm Delete

Through the platform of Marco Polo, one can send messages in the form of videos. And the friend can also respond in the same way by sending all of their messages in video form. But, if you have sent a video that you were not intended to do so, simply delete that video.

Many of us do not know the right way to delete the video and thus search for how to delete Marco polo’s video. So, next time after sending a video, instead of embarrassing, follow these given steps if you want to know:

How To Delete Marco Polo Video

  • Go to the conversation which contains the video.
  • Look for the Polo thumbnail from the list of the videos present just at the bottom.
  • Tap and hold the thumbnail
  • Delete the video or Polo
  • Choose to confirm, and that’s it!

This way, you can delete the video from both sides, and now the video no longer be visible to your friend!

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