How To Delete Account

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How To Delete Account

Without any doubt, is a very popular app among youngsters and teenagers. Mostly, people use this application without knowing that they are getting the addict to it. To stop this habit, delete the account. So, deleting the account is an important question that most of us want to ask. To delete your account, follow easy and simple steps.

  • How To Delete Account is a social media application, having 100 million registered users, increasing day by day. Through this app, one can create videos and share them with their friends and other people. Therefore, it is considered to be the best creativity of technology.

But sometimes, it becomes an addiction, and you find ways to delete the account. The following are the easy and simple steps:

  • Start the browser (Safari/ Chrome) and then directly go to the support page of
  • Choose the General Feedback option.
  • Select Android or iOS and then fill-up your personal information
  • Enter your Email address
  • In the description hour, you can type your message and let them know that you want to delete your account.
  • Once you have completed the process, and then press submits button.

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