How to delete myself from a group on Facebook

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How to delete myself from a group on Facebook

Have you ever unknowingly or without permission been joined a Facebook group? Unfortunately, it occurs to all of us as a result of a silly Facebook function. You know, the one where your friends can invite you to join any group they own or are a part of.

Facebook Groups are a brilliant method to meet people who have similar interests to you, no matter what they are. Apart from connecting you with others who share your interests, Groups may also help you find discounts on things, schedule playdates with families in your region, and much more.

However, if you belong to too many groups, the unnecessary clutter may drive you away from this helpful service. To reduce distractions and streamline your experience, it’s always a good idea to leave groups you’re no longer interested in. Here we provide you the step by step procedure on How to delete myself from a group on Facebook:

How to delete myself from a group on Facebook:

  • Select the Groups icon from the left navigation bar after logging into your Facebook account.
  • Click on the group you want to leave from your News Feed’s left menu, then click Groups. Click See More if you don’t see whatever Groups.
  • To open the group Tools menu.
  • Select the icon for Leaving Group.
  • A confirmation notice will appear, asking if you are sure you wish to quit the group. To finish the process, select Leave Group.

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