• What to know?
  • Open Instagram app > select the home icon.
  • Goto photo to delete > tap on three dots.
  • Select delete option > selected photo deleted.

Instagram allows you to create an album out of many photos. On Instagram, a “Carousel Post” is one that has multiple images that users may scroll through to see each one. This is a great way to publish pictures in one article, but what if you want to delete one photo from the gallery?

You probably don’t want to have to delete the entire post and redo it if you unintentionally include an image you don’t like in your carousel post or decide later that you want to remove a single photograph from the post.

Many people asked the question how to delete one picture out of multiple on Instagram? Unfortunately, once you press the “share” button, there is no way to remove a single photograph. To remove an image or video from a carousel post, you must delete the entire post.

How to delete one picture out of multiple on Instagram

You should follow these steps on how to delete one picture out of multiple on Instagram:

  • Go to Instagram. 
  • Select the icon Home.
  • Go to the feed you want to remove from the photo.
  • Select the symbol of three dots.
  • Its position on the top right of the screen.
  • Select the option Delete.

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