How to Delete or Cancel MyScore

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How to Delete or Cancel MyScore
  • What to Know
  • Gather personal Information > call at given number > request to close account > provide account details > make request for confirmation > keep track of confirmation

I saw that many of you were looking for information on how to delete or cancel MyScore, so I decided to create an explanation on it. MyScore is a consumer credit monitoring and identity theft prevention service. The company was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in California. A user may obtain a credit report and review their score from all three main credit reporting bureaus, as well as the advantages of identity theft protection and control, and a daily refresh of their credit card information to keep up to current on their credit status with MyScore’s service.

A trial version of MyScore’s services is available. Users may register for a free 7-day trial of the MyScore service, which provides access to their Rewards program, which offers coupons, roadside assistance, and other savings. Users will be automatically switched to a paid membership once the trial time ends, which will be invoiced monthly at a rate of $39.90 and will renew automatically each month until cancelled. It will be essential to contact MyScore in order to cancel the renewal and costs. If you desire to terminate your subscription with, more information is provided below.

How to Delete or Cancel MyScore

Step By Step Guidance :

  • You will need to gather personal information such as your name, phone number, address, cause for termination, and passcode to cancel or delete your account. Members can retain a basic membership at a discounted rate that is not visible on the internet, which includes most of the advantages of the higher tier membership but costs $6.95 for a Transunion score and report while the other two bureaus are free. There are two paid membership tiers, however details on which tier is accessible for $39.90 and what the other tier costs are currently unavailable.
  • Call 855-331-9531 for more information.
  • Request that your account be closed by the agent.
  • Provide the agent your account details when prompted.
  • Make a request for a confirmation number or email from the agent.
  • Keep track of any confirmation numbers or emails you get.
  1. What are MyScore’s service terms and fee changes?

    When you Enroll and through your Member Site, you will be informed of the length of time your Services will be available. A la carte and certain Service Plans may be one-time purchases or will only be available for a short period. Other Service Plans are a recurring monthly subscription purchase that will last eternally (a “Recurring Subscription”). The Term of a Recurring Subscription will continue forever unless you cancel or your account is cancelled. When you enroll in a Recurring Subscription, and each month after that, you will be responsible for paying the Fees.

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