How to delete pre installed apps on Samsung smart TV

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How to delete pre installed apps on Samsung smart TV
  • What to Know:
  • Swipe up from hone screen > open menu > press and hold app icon > disable app

I noticed that many of you were looking for information on how to delete pre installed app on Samsung smart TV, so I decided to write an essay about it. Some apps will already be installed on your new device when you switch it on for the first time. Some of these apps are required for the proper operation of your device and cannot be deleted or disabled.

When you uninstall an app, it will be completely removed from your phone. When you disable an app, it disappears from the applications panel and stops functioning in the background. Apps that have been disabled will no longer receive updates. Here how you can do it so.

How to delete pre installed apps on Samsung smart TV

Step By Step Guidance:

  • To access the applications screen, swipe up from the home screen.
  • Press and hold the app’s icon to remove or disable it.
  • This option will appear in the menu if the software can be uninstalled.
  • Only the option to deactivate will appear if the software may be disabled but not uninstalled.
  • None of these options will appear if the software cannot be deleted or disabled.

How to Delete Apps on Samsung smart TV

  • What to Know:
  • Click next > pause for Smart Hub > drag emphasis to application > hit the tool button > scroll down to Delete > pressing Enter > confirmation message appears > select yes > second confirmation message appears > again hit yes

I have seen a lot of you were searching for how to delete apps on Samsung tv so I have decided to write an article on it. Samsung Smart TVs come with pre-installed applications from Samsung or third-party developers. Furthermore, new apps can be readily installed via your Smart Hub. But what if you want to get rid of a couple of apps? Are you up to the challenge?

This article explains how to remove pre installed apps from your Samsung Smart TV. Continue reading if we’ve piqued your interest. Because the method varies depending on the model, some customers have difficulty removing apps. On the other hand, removing apps on the latest Samsung Smart TVs is a breeze. This is what you must do:

Step By Step Guidance:

  • If you’ve previously downloaded a number of programmes and try to download another, you can see the notice “You wouldn’t have enough memory to download this application.” When the Smart Hub memory is complete, this message appears. It will go away once you free up some memory. Click “Next” to clear up some memory or to uninstall a programme you don’t use any longer.
  • Pause for the Smart Hub to load before using it.
  • Drag the emphasis to the Application you want to delete using the navigational arrow on the remote control. Make sure it’s highlighted as it appears on the screen.
  • On your remote, hit the Tools button (above the left arrow button), then scroll down to Delete and pressing Enter.
  • When a confirmation prompt appears, select Yes and press Enter.
  • When the deletion is complete, a second confirmation window appears. You can either press enter to accept the notice or wait for it to disappear.

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