How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet

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How To Delete Someone Else's Tweet
  • What to know:
  • Go to top menu/ navigation icon > Select Profile> Find the tweet to be deleted> Tap the symbol on top
  • Report as spam> Let Twitter delete it.

Twitter is an excellent networking service that allows users to send and receive short messages knows as tweets. At any moment, you can delete any of your Tweets from Twitter, but you won’t be able to delete Tweets from other users on your timeline. So, follow the below mentioned few steps on how you can delete someone else’s tweets.

How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet

  • To begin, look in the top menu for a navigation menu icon or your profile symbol, then tap whatever one you see.
  • Select Profile from the menu.
  • Find the tweet you’d like to remove and delete it.
  • On top of the Tweet, tap the symbol.
  • Report it as spam, and Twitter will look into it.

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