How to Display HDMI on Laptop in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Display HDMI on Laptop
How to Display HDMI on Laptop
How to Display HDMI on Laptop
  • What to Know
  • Connect the Laptop with the TV by Using an HDMI cable. Insert the cables in the ports.
  • In your laptop, Go to Settings > Control Panel > Display > Adjust Screen Resolution. Choose the TV option from the drop-down list in front of the Display option. Click OK.
  • If there’s no audio. Right-click on the Sound Icon > Playback Devices. Click on your chosen device and click the Set Default button.

Are you struggling with connecting your laptop to your Tv with the help of an HDMI? If that’s right, you are in the right spot. It is a widespread practice to use HDMI to connect one device to another. It is typically considered the quickest way to display one screen onto the other. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the complete process in two parts. Firstly we will discuss how you can connect your HDMI, and then we’ll see what we can do if there’s no audio. So let’s get started. 

How to Connect your Laptop with TV

Connecting your laptop to your TV is the easiest job you would have ever done. Let me take you through this is a series of steps to make it look more manageable.

  • Firstly, you’ll need an HDMI cable that you can buy from the nearby store. 
  • Identify the HDMI ports on the laptop and TV and connect any of the cable sides in them. It doesn’t matter which side you’ll be plugging in because TV is the source of output.
  • Now, from your TV remote, press the SOURCE or INPUT button. Use the arrow keys to select the HDMI-1 option. 
  • Now, from your laptop, go to the settings and then inside the control panel. In here, you can see various options, but you need to go inside the Display menu. 
  • On the left sidebar, you’ll see the Adjust Resolution option on the top. Inside it, there are a couple of different options. 
  • In front of the Display option, you’ll see a drop-down list containing the laptop name and the other source: the TV. Select the Tv option and Click Ok. 
  • Now, you can adjust the screen resolution until you see a clear and smooth picture on your TV. 

What to do if the HDMI cable is not transferring sound to the TV

Once the HDMI is connected, you might face an issue with the audio. Even after connecting the HDMI cable, no sound on the TV. For it, you can see if the laptop or the Tv is on mute. If that’s not the case, try these steps to see if the audio returns. 

  • On your laptop, you’ll see the Sound Icon on the bottom right side. Go and right-click on it. 
  • A menu will appear with different options. Select the option that says ” Playback Devices.
  • This will take you to all the devices connected to your laptop that you can use to project sound. 
  • You can highlight the one with your TV’s exact name and set it as the default to be used for the audio. 
  • If you don’t see any devices, right-click on the blank area and check-mark the Show Disabled Devices.


That was easy, right? Even if it wasn’t, I am sure I made it look like it. When you try it on your own, you’ll see how quickly you connect both the devices via an HDMI. 

So with that said, my work here is done. I hope you are now well aware of how you can display HDMI on a laptop but unfortunately, if you are not, write down below, and we’ll help you throughout the process. 

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