How To Embed a PDF in Gmail: The Ultimate Jaw-dropping Guide

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How To Embed a PDF in Gmail?

Sometimes small things aren’t easy if you haven’t done in your life. My classmate Matt ask me How To Embed a PDF in Gmail? I taught him few ways to attach PDFs in Gmail.

The PDF file format is the most common way to send and receive important documents. It is much helpful for contracts as the other person won’t be able to make any changes. But one thing that is important to know is the file size should be less than 25Mb because it is the maximum size allowed by Gmail.

There are different ways by which you can attach or embed the PDF file to your Gmail. So let’s get started before your turn back to find the information somewhere else.

Why Can’t You Embed the PDF in Gmail?

You can’t necessarily embed the PDF file on Gmail now. It used to have an option before, but now Gmail has removed this option. But you don’t have to worry as there are other ways you can easily send in the Pdf file.

Ways to Attach PDF to Gmail

These are ways you can use to send your PDF file to the desired person by using Gmail.

1. Embed In Image Form

You can send the PDF file in the form of an image. You will have to convert your pdf to jpg so that you can easily send it through Gmail. You can use many websites available online for this purpose.

Once you have converted the pdf into an image, go to Gmail and compose a new email. Add the body and recipient email. Now click on the option that will allow you to attach an image to the email and send it.

2. Embed In Docx file form

Another way that you can use it is by converting the all-important PDF file into a Docx file. You can use any of the online websites available for this purpose. Once the file is converted, press the paperclip option and attach the docx file. Now send the file to anyone you want to.

3. Embed As a Text

If you think the PDF file is all text, you can convert it into a text file and then add all the text to the message body. To do so:

  • Open the Pdf you want to add.
  • Press Ctrl+A to choose the entire document.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy all the written information.
  • Go to Gmail and press Ctrl+V, and it will paste all the information in the email body.

In this way, you won’t have to wait for the file to be attached to your Email you are done with it, click send, and the other person will receive the pdf in the text form.

4. Embed By Using the Attachment option

One of the quickest ways to send a pdf file is by using the attachment option. This option doesn’t really embed the pdf file but works similarly.

Once you have composed an email, click on the Paperclip icon. It will open up a screen. Now you have to navigate to your essential pdf file and double click on it. Now the pdf will take some time to attach itself. But once done, you can easily send the email to the recipient to read and edit the pdf file you have sent.

How to Send Attachments by using Confidential Mode

If the PDF file you want to send is confidential and you don’t want anyone else to read it, you can use the confidential mode to send it. Only the person who will have the passcode will access and open the attached file to see what it has.

You can use the confidential mode by using the following steps:

  • Open your Gmail and click Compose. A new email message will open.
  • Now add the email body and the email to the recipient. Once done, click on the attachment option. It would have a paperclip-shaped icon.
  • Now navigate to the folder in which that all-important pdf file is and double click on it. The file will start getting attached to the email.
  • Now on the bottom right corner of the email, you will see the confidential mode. It will have a lock and watch icon. Click on it and add the passcode for the pdf file.
  • Set the expiration date and how the recipient will get the passcode. It would be great if you used the SMS passcode option, and when you send the file, it will send the password to the recipient’s phone number.
  • Once done, click Save and then Send the email to the desired person.

How to remove the attachment From Gmail

To remove any attachment that you have made, click on the cross that you will see at the end of the attached file. Once you click it, it will remove the file from your Gmail.


Now that you know how you can easily attach your important PDF file with Gmail. Go and try it yourself. These are worth a try. If you want the PDF to be sent to be edited, then make sure to use the attachment option, or else the recipient can’t edit it. Tell me your method in the comment..

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How do I insert a PDF into the body of an email?

Open your Email > Click on New Email > Now , Go to insert > Object > Create from file and browse the PDF


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