How To Embed GIF in Gmail?

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How To Embed GIF in Gmail?

Do you have trouble embedding a GIF in your Gmail account?

How To Embed GIF in Gmail? Many people are unaware of the mysterious method of inserting a Gif into Gmail, which can be difficult. You have all taken the first step in the right direction. All you must do is thoroughly read the entire article, which I wrote after conducting thorough research.

As a result, you can find yourself searching for the perfect GIF to insert into an email to express your message. Thankfully, including a GIF in an email is easy. We will get to know how to insert GIFs directly into email on Gmail and Outlook, as well as other ways to share GIFs on any website in this article.

How To Embed GIF in Gmail

The “insert photo” feature in Gmail makes it simple to include a GIF. Let us discuss the steps for adding a GIF to an email in Gmail:

  • Open Gmail and create a new message.
  • When you get to the part of your email where you want to insert a GIF, press the “insert photo” icon to the right of the “send” and “attach file” buttons at the bottom of the email.
  • You can either drag a GIF to the “drag photos here” box, press the “choose photos to upload” button to pick your GIF from your files or paste an image URL from here. If you do not already have a GIF, go to a GIF creator like GIPHY and save the GIF to your desktop or copy and paste the GIF connection into Gmail.
  • Make sure your GIF is the right size for your post by resizing it.
  • Finish your email and send it!

Can I send GIFs on Gmail mobile app?

The “insert photo” icon is, unfortunately, missing from Gmail’s mobile apps. GIFs from your phone’s keyboard, on the other hand, can be incorporated into Gmail. They will appear as an

attachment rather than in line with Gmail. This attachment will continue to play the GIF for all recipients to see.

You do not have to be concerned. There are many ways to include a GIF in your Gmail message. You just need to read the entire article to get all the details.

Animated GIFs

On the internet, the play button is the most convincing call to action. It is something for which I agree. Animated GIFs are quickly becoming the de facto way to inject fun and satire into Gmail. Even though it is not the most professional format, it is rapidly gaining popularity in the workplace.

Method to add animated GIF in Gmail?

Follow these three effective steps to get started:

  • In your inbox, click Insert.
  • Pick a GIF from the Online Pictures menu.
  • Once you have it, go to the bottom of your email dashboard and pick and click Insert.

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GIFs and animated GIFs have become increasingly popular on social media networks in recent years as brands have begun to integrate them into their online campaigns. It has become the most common picture format on the internet for people to express themselves in today’s digital world easily.

You can boost a GIF’s effectiveness even further with the right visual stimuli. Here is a short way on how to add simple and animated GIFs to your Gmail account to make it more presentable and accomplish various goals. You can express the emotion and message you want to convey in less than a minute.

You have another method? Drop in comments 🙂

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