• What to know
  • Log in > User ID / Password > Go to “Proceed to checkout” > PO Box address > Address line 1.

You can choose the best way if you don’t know how to fill out the amazon shipping address with a PO box. We will help you and provide you with a simple method in our step-by-step guide. It would help if you filled in the option “Address Line 1” with your PO Box address, and that’s it.

In simple words, add your PO Box to the shipping address. With the help of this, Amazon will find out that you want your parcel to go via USPS.

How to fill out amazon shipping address with PO box

  • First, sign in to your Amazon account with your valid user ID and password.
  • Login to your account and go to the option “Proceed to checkout.”
  • But before proceeding to the checkout process, go to “Your Cart” on the upper right side.
  • Tab “Proceed to checkout.”
  • While checking out, type PO Box in the area “Address line 1.”
  • You can skip the option “address line 2”, no need to give your regular address.
  • Skip this area “address line 2” altogether.
  • By doing this, Amazon defaults your package to USPS.

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