How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick

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How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking directions on how to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick. Everyone wants their lashes to be longer and fuller. However, because not everyone has them naturally, we must resort to alternative methods such as eyelash extensions. You may have said that you desire a dense appearance, but the eyelash extensions now appear to be overly thick. I’ll guide you through a couple of methods for fixing your too-thick lash extensions below.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Fixing Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Thick:
  • A feather cut may be used to correct overly thick eyelash extensions at home. It’s a technique for reducing the number of thick lashes using a specific cutting technique. Smoothing the volume lashes is a great way to thin them out while keeping their 3D structure and natural appearance.
  • As a result, instead of using the traditional eyelash extension trimming approach, which merely serves to shorten them, consider feathering. When it comes to decreasing lash extensions, a general cutting procedure might destroy their appearance.
  • Paying a Visit to Your Lash Stylist:
  • You most likely had eyelash extensions applied to your natural lashes at an eyelash salon. For the volume lashes that now look to be overly thick, the stylist would have cost you $100 or more.
  • Even if it wasn’t the stylist’s fault that you had too many eyelash extensions applied to your natural lashes, you can still ask her to repair it.
  • The stylist will be able to shorten or feather your overdone eyelash extensions thanks to her extensive experience.
  • Allow a week or two for them to fall:
  • Eyelash extensions are temporary and fall out over time. The volume lashes linked to your natural lashes go away when they fall out and are replaced.
  • Every week, you lose 15 to 21 lashes on average. In other words, if you were wearing eyelash extensions, you would lose the same quantity or more.


What is the best way to thin out eyelash extensions?

There’s a difference between thinning down eyelash extensions and cutting them short. As a result, they are carried out in different ways. Feathering can be used to thin out lash extensions. However, ordinary pruning works well for shortening them.

Why do your lash extensions hurt?

Your eyelids may be irritated if your lash extensions feel heavy while you wear them. Furthermore, the adhesive on the lash extension sling may adhere to your eyes, causing discomfort when you blink.

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