How To Get Cameos On Snapchat

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How To Get Cameos On Snapchat
  • What To Know?
  • Open Snapchat > Message Window > Face icon
  • Get Cameos logo > Cameo Selfie page
  • Take serious Selfie> save > share it with Snapchat homies

Without any doubt, Snapchat is one of the most prominent and popular social media platforms in the present day. Anyone can easily share all of their pictures or videos with friends and family members through this platform.

Cameo is one of the latest features which Snapchat has introduced, and everyone loves this feature as well. So, do you want to become the star of mini, looping videos? And has been searching for how to get cameos on Snapchat?

Cameos are very easy to create and can add great fun to your videos as well. So, stop searching for how to get cameos on Snapchat and follow these easy steps:

How To Get Cameos On Snapchat

  • Open your Snapchat account.
  • Click on the face icon, present in the message window
  • Scroll down till you get the Cameos logo
  • Tap at the logo of Cameo and go to the Cameo Selfie Page
  • Here, Snapchat will ask you to take serious Selfie without smiling
  • Save your Selfie
  • Once you have saved the Selfie, you can now share it with your friends or Snapchat homies.

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