How To Make A Title Page in Google Docs?

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How To Make A Title Page in Google Docs?
How To Make A Title Page in Google Docs?
How To Make A Title Page in Google Docs?

You might have heard of many word processing documents, but Google Docs has proven its worth repeatedly and are the most renowned one. It contains almost all the valuable options that you can find in Microsoft Word. You should be aware of how to make A Title Page in Google Docs?

Whenever you create a new document, the cover page plays an essential role in defining the entire document’s topic. Google docs have a built-in feature that allows you to create different cover pages and provide you with an excellent templates that you can use.

Here, we will be discussing how you can create a custom Title page and how you can also use a template to create an eye-catching cover page for your document. So let’s get right into the guide.

Adding a Custom Title Page in Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to make your custom cover page. You can choose the font, background, shading, and much more. To make it more catchy and attractive, you can also take ideas from the internet and create your title page.

  • To create a custom page, follow these steps accordingly:
  • Go to Google chrome and type Google Docs, and open the website. Here you can see different options, but you need to start a new Blank document. Here we will be creating our first title page.
  • Now, on the top bar, you will see many different options, but you need to go to the first tab that is File.
  • Inside, you can find the Page layout menu. The page layout lets you change the borders’ size or choose a page size of your liking. Set the page according to your requirements and click Save.
  • Now, come back to your page and go to the Insert menu from the top bar. Inside here, you need to go to the table option and create a 1×1 table. I have also taught you how you can add borders to your pages.
  • Drag the table according to your liking, and then again go into the Insert tab. But this time, you need to add an image. You can upload it from Google drive or your computer, or other places.
  • You can make changes to this image by adding text inside it to use it as a complete background image. Or else you can place the image on top and add the topic name under it.
  • You can also enhance your title page’s look by going into the Add-ons tab and adding anything you like.
  • Make changes to your page until you are satisfied with the look. Play with texts and fonts and other options. Once done, you’ll be surprised to see how your cover page came out to be.

Adding a Pre-Made Title Page

Google Docs has flourished in the last decade or so. It has also added a template option from where you can choose a pre-made theme or cover page. To add those templates, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go back to Google and type Google Docs and open the tool. Now in place of choosing the blank sheet, you will go to the Template Gallery.
  • Here, you can see hundreds of different templates from which you can choose the one that most appeals to you.
  • Once you have selected the most attractive template, you can make changes according to your suits. You can change the image, the text, or anything you want.
  • To change the image, right-click on it and go to the Replace image option to select a different one. If you want to add a different text, go to the text and make changes.
  • The last thing is if you want to add header and footer to your cover page, then to the Insert page, and from here you can add the header and footer and can also assign page numbers to all the pages in your document.

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I hope the article about How to make a title page in google docs is as clear as crystal now. You can also try out many different websites online that will allow you to create some pretty unique templates for your cover page. Try our Canva, Crello, and many others.

In the days when Google docs have proved to be beneficial, it also lacks a few options. But to compensate for it, you can use alternate ways to make this app more useful. So don’t stop exploring and finding ways to make the best use of Google Docs.

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