How to Make Different Header on Different Pages of Google DOC?

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How to Make Different Header on Different Pages of Google DOC?
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Staying organized when writing a long paper can be challenging.

I am sure you will agree with me. Try using headers to distinguish one page from the next. What is the explanation for this? Allow me to explain.

Headers at the beginning of each page are an excellent way to make your work more structured. Using titles, dates, or names in a header helps readers recall a paper’s subject without having to go back to the title page.

A header is a feature that can easily make a document produced in Google Docs look more professional. Of course, we all desire a professional-looking text. It is a little more challenging to have different types of headers in the exact text.

To learn this, you must stick with me during the article, which I wrote after conducting thorough research. I believe you will learn some new and easy techniques for strengthening your documents.

Let us get started.

The header on different pages on Google doc

Microsoft’s Office Suite is helpful if you deal with computers or need to complete school assignments. Unfortunately, the Office Suite is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. If that is the case, a decent option is to use Google’s web-based office suite, part of its Google Drive service.

Google Docs is one of the three applications that make up this office suite. Google Docs provides a wide range of tools that are close to those found in Microsoft Word, all while retaining a primary user interface.

To add different headers to each page of a Google doc, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Go to Google Docs to get started.
How to Make Different Header on Different Pages of Google DOC?
  • By selecting a Blank template, you can start a new document.
  • Go to Insert in the new document.
  • It is necessary to select headers and footers.
  • Editing the current header would be possible.
  • Select Options.
  • From the dropdown menu, pick Header format.
  • Now check the boxes next to Different odd & even under Layout.
  • The Different first page can also check the following box if you want the first page to be different from the rest of the text.
  • After that, you can customize how the headers appear on the first page, odd pages, and even pages.

You can make your Google Docs documents up to three different header types by following this guide. Unfortunately, you can only configure your Google Docs headers to this degree.

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Headers are most widely used in scholarly or technical writing, but that does not mean they cannot help personal documents. Writers may keep their documents organized not only for themselves but also for their readers by using headers.

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