How to make entire picture profile picture

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How to make entire picture profile picture
  • What to know
  • Open your Facebook account on Desktop > Go to your profile > Go to your timeline.
  • Click on the option “Photos” > Click “Add Photos/Videos” > Add your picture.
  • Select the picture > Change settings > Make it profile picture > Change privacy settings to “Public” > Click “Done.”

With our simple step-by-step solution, you will get to know how to make entire picture profile picture without the need for cropping. Facebook is one of the biggest apps ever that can connect you with your loved ones.

So, now make your complete profile picture with this helpful new technique. Follow the below steps carefully to turn out any picture into the complete profile picture.

How to make entire picture profile picture

  • First, you need to open your desktop version of Facebook.
  • Open your timeline and go to the photos section.
  • Here, you can upload your wanted picture, which you want to make as your profile picture.
  • Now, select the picture and change its settings to “Make Profile Picture.”
  • At last, don’t forget to change the privacy settings to “Public.”
  • The selected picture will be changed to your new profile picture without any need for cropping.

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