How to Make Your Google Calendar Private?

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How to Make Your GOOGLE Calendar Private?

Everyone (well, most people) uses Google Calendar, and it is a tool that all of us probably use every day to control our lives, our jobs, and all the stuff we would forget to do if our phones did not remind us. Today’s matter is how to make Your Google Calendar Private?

As a result, Google Calendar has become a source of highly personal knowledge about us, including our doctor appointments, social plans, general whereabouts, and more. Therefore, it makes only sense to give a loved one or an immediate business associate access to our calendar, right?

After all, you want your partner to be able to make dinner reservations on your schedule, and you want a coworker to be able to adjust the venue of a meeting at the last minute if anything comes up.

Unfortunately, we are all unaware that exchanging these permissions with those on your calendar might be doing something you are not conscious of making your private activities available to specific individuals. And you are likely giving them more information than you would like.

Since most people face these issues, I have come up with the best solution. After writing this article, I am excited to share that you will be proud of yourself because you will be free from this issue.

Make your google calendar private.

Except for personal calendars, most of your calendars do not need to be concealed. After all, defeating the intent of using Google Calendar in the first place could be impossible. It is, however, simple if you insist on doing so. Obey these guidelines:

1. Open your calendar

2. On the left hand, you will see a list of all your calendars

3. You will note that each one has a checkbox next to it

4. Remove the calendars from the list that you no longer want to see

  • You can, in my view, concentrate on those that you do not use too much—alternatively, the low-priority schedules.

Create a calendar for your summer schedule, for example. However, since the schedule is several months out, you do not need to see it every time you look at your calendar. However, when it is time to use this calendar, you can check the box.

Another choice is to remove the sidebar when you are not using it. The sidebar displays your monthly view as well as all your calendars. It is an easy enough method for making more room and focusing on what matters most.

You only must go to the top left-hand corner and press the three-line menu button. You can now choose whether to collapse or extend the menu bar. If you need more space, click the small arrow in the bottom left-hand corner to cover the right-side menu containing Google Keep and tasks.

But here is the thing: Only dates are removed when you hide a calendar. It will always show up in your calendar list. However, there is another easy solution to that issue.

5. Find those three dots by moving your cursor over the calendar

How to Make Your GOOGLE Calendar Private?

6. Pick “Hide from list” after tapping on them

How to Make Your GOOGLE Calendar Private?

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Google Calendar has become so popular because of many reasons. It is free and works on almost all devices. It is also easy to use and is packed with various capabilities, making it a leading tool for productivity and organization. One feature of this type creates as many recalls, events, and calendars as you like. 

While all aspects of your life can be helpful to keep organized, it may be confused too. Just imagine opening your calendar and seeing 20 calendars on your screen on the left side. It would not only be a headache-inducing task to manage all these calendars, but it would be distractive.

 Fortunately, by simply following the above rules, you can easily hide these calendars instead of becoming a problem.

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