How to open a Cadillac key fob to replace the battery

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How to open a Cadillac key fob to replace the battery
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking directions on how to open a Cadillac key fob to replace the battery. Because this key fob is powered by a battery, it will ultimately need to be changed. Luckily, opening the key fob and replacing the battery is a fast remedy, and you can go back on your way to The Villages. I’ll show you how to accomplish precisely that in this post.

How to open a Cadillac key fob to replace the battery

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Look for the key fob’s release button, which should be on the side of the casing. The casing will open to expose a metal key when you click the button.
  • When you remove the metal key, you’ll see a little hole in the key fob. Separate the case’s sides with a flat-head screwdriver.
  • You’ll see an electronic circuit on one side and a battery on the other when you’ve unlocked the key fob.
  • Remove the old power and replace it with the new one with care. The Cadillac key fob battery replacement requires a CR2032 battery; if you don’t use the correct battery, the key fob will not operate. Make sure the new battery’s positive side is pointing down.
  • Reassemble the case, and you’re ready to go!

How to Change the Battery in the Key Fob

The technique for changing the key fob in a Cadillac car from a later model year differs from that described above. While the 2020 Cadillac CT5 car introduced a new key fob design for the complete Cadillac range, key fobs from the model year 2014 to the present have the same guts and, as a result, require the same battery replacement procedure:

  • Unlock the key fob using the same procedure as previously, which also applies to earlier versions.
  • When you open the key fob, you’ll discover that the circuit board is on one side of the shell and the battery is on the other.
  • Remove the old battery and throw it away. Set it away until you’re ready to dispose of it appropriately.
  • Replace your old battery with a new CR2032 battery, positive side down.
  • Reassemble the key fob’s two halves.
  • Put the emergency key back where it belongs.

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