How To Put A Border in Google Docs

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How To Put A Border in Google Docs
  • Google Docs is a free online platform that allows you to use Word documents without making a purchase. But it has some drawbacks. As it is entirely free, it lacks a few options. You won’t find any border options in Google docs, and sometimes you may need them urgently for your essential files. We can support you with how to put A Border in Google Docs.

But that’s not it. The world has progressed much further and has found alternative ways to add a border to any Google docs file. This guide will help you add borders in many different ways that you won’t feel lost the next time you’ll need borders in your file.

Ways to Put a Border in Google Docs

There are mainly four ways that I have found after extensive research. In my opinion, these are the only ways to add a border but if you know any more, feel free to share. Now let’s discuss the ways so you can add the much-needed borders.

Inserting 1×1 Table

The First and the most used way to add borders is by inserting a 1×1 Table. It is pretty straightforward. But for it, you need to open a new google docs file. You will see the Insert tab on the top bar and the file and format on this page.

Inside this tab, there will be a Table option. When you hover over the mouse over it, a new drop-down menu will appear from where you can decide the columns and rows. But in this case, you will add only the first box.

This one row and column table will occupy all the space in the document. To extend it over the entire document, go to one corner of the table and drag it down to the last page. You can also change the border length and width by going into the table tools.

To enter the table tools, you will see a three-button option with a horizontal line at the top bar’s end. If you want to extend the borders to the corners, you can go into the format and decrease the page margins so the borders can extend to the ends.

Using Paragraph Border in Docs

Now you have a new docs file opened in front of you. Write a little something and select the entire paragraph. Now on the topic bar, you will see the Insert option that you have used before. Now, instead of the table menu, hover over the paragraph Menu.

Inside it, you will see the borders and shading option. After clicking on it, a prompt will open. You can choose the border style from here, and when done, click Apply. Now your paragraph will have the desired borders.

Adding a Shape or Border Photo

To add a border, you will always go into the Insert tab. Again, add a Shape or photo into the insert tab and then into the Drawing drop-down menu. In here, click on the +New button. If you have a photo inside your drive, then press the Google drive option.

Now in here, you will have two choices, either to add a shape or a photo. To add the shape, click on the shape option, choose the desired shape, and then click Save and Close. A shape will appear on the page that you can easily enlarge to fill up space.

But to add a photo, download a good border photo from the internet, and then upload it into the page you have opened.

Here, you will see an option on the top bar to do so. The only downside is you need to add a text box inside it and write all the information because you cannot edit it after saving the picture.

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So that was it. Pretty impressive how we have found alternative ways to add borders even when there is no option. You don’t have to worry about the borders anymore as the four ways mentioned above are more than enough to solve all your problems.

Now you can easily add borders even when you are using free Google docs. I use Google docs myself, and I really needed such options in it. I hope they add these options in it, so we don’t have to find alternative ways to do specific things.

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