How to Recover Deleted Shows on DirecTV

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How to Recover Deleted Shows on DirecTV
Portland, Oregon, USA - Oct 9, 2019: A DIRECTV SlimLine satellite dish is seen outside a bar in Portland. DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and a subsidiary of AT&T.
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DirecTV is an Application by AT&T that offers local broadcast, series shows, and HD programs for users worldwide. Suppose you have accidentally deleted the program or recording on DirecTV HD DVR. Then there is still the answer to your question, “How to Recover Deleted Shows on DirecTV.”

Following are the solutions to recover your deleted shows on DirecTV.

Recover Deleted Shows from TiVo Software with HD & SD

Here are the few basic steps to recover DirecTV deleted shows by TiVo software with HD.

  • Select “My Shows” in the main menu, then select “Recently Deleted.”
  • Go to the show that you want to recover and then press the select button on your remote.
  • Select “Recover the show” when the option is promoted.

These steps should be followed when to recover using TiVo Software with SD.

  • Press on the “TiVo Central” button on the remote controller
  • Select the “Now Playing List” sub-menu and select “Recently Deleted Recording.”
  • Go to the Shows or Recording and then press select.
  • Highlight “Recover and Click “Ok” on the deleted program screen.
  • Again, Press “TiVo Central,” and your recording will show up in the “Now Playing” list.

Recover Directly from DirecTV History

Another way is to find the deleted program on DirecTV history by following these few simple steps.

  • Start your PC and DirecTV Genie HD DVR
  • Select “Menu” on your remote controller
  • Go to the “Manage Recording” menu and select “History.”
  • Look for the deleted recording in the list and restore from there.

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