• What To Know?
  • Settings > App & Notifications > Amazon App Settings
  • Select Home Screen > Show New Items On The Home Page > Off

Sometimes a countless number of icons appear on the screen. And this could trouble when you fail to find the required app’s icon at the hour of need. Thus, as a result, every one of us starts searching for removing icons from the kindle fire home screen. Through this guide, you can learn a step-by-step process for removing icons from the kindle fire home screen. It is effortless to remove the icons from the home screen of the Kindle Fire!

How To Remove Icons From Kindle Fire Home Screen

  • Want to get a rush-free home screen? Try to remove the New Item section altogether.
  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Then, choose Apps & Notifications
  • Go to the Amazon App Settings
  • Choose Home Screen
  • Here, you need to move a step forward to Show New Items On The Home Page to Off.
  • So, the display of new items toggles from the Amazon fire screens, and the home screen section has been turned off.
  • Now, just the App icon shortcuts will appear on the home screen.

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