How To Restore Photos From Google Auto Backup

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The Google auto backup service saves up all your photos and important files in the cloud so that whenever you need them, you can quickly restore or download them. Google Photos is no doubt one of the best ways to keep your photos safe.

But what if you accidentally delete your photos? That’s not much of a concern if you use Google photos. It will send the deleted photos to the trash, and you can easily recover them within 60 days, but after that, say goodbye to your photos.

Let us discuss how you can recover photos in different operating systems.

Recover Deleted Photos in Android

To recover your deleted photos in your Android, open Google photos on your android device. Now log in to the account that you had connected and synced to your mobile before. If it is already connected, then it’s okay, or else make sure you login.

Now, on the screen’s top left side, you will see an option with a hamburger icon. You need to click on it. Inside here, you will see the trash option. In this trash tab, you will see all the deleted photos from the past 60 days.

Long-press on the photo you want to restore. You can also select multiple photos to restore. Once you have chosen all the required photos, press the Restore button. Now all the photos will come back to the folders in which they were before.

Recover Deleted Photos in IOS

To recover photos on your IOS device, the steps are almost the same. Firstly you will open your Google photos application and log in to your account if you have not done it already.

Now go to the hamburger icon on the left side of the app. Here, you need to navigate to the trash tab. Inside this tab, you can easily see all the photos that you deleted in the last 60 days. If you deleted them 61 or more days ago, you wouldn’t be able to recover them.

Now click on the horizontal three dots icon and tap the select option. Now select all the photos that you want to recover, and then tap the recover button. All the photos will go back to the folders in which they existed before.

Recover Deleted Photos in Windows Laptop and Mac

On your Laptop, you can use any web explorer to recover photos. We commonly use Google chrome for it. Here you will type, and a page will appear in front of you. Here you need to log in with the Google ID you are using on your mobile device.

On the left corner, you will see a hamburger sign icon. After tapping it, you will see the Trash tab. Inside it, there are all the photos that have been deleted, and now you can quickly recover them from here. Select all the photos you want to recover and click recover. All the photos will go directly into the photo album.

You can also use the App recoverit to recover the deleted photos from your android or IOS device. On your Mac, you have the Time machine application that lets you recover the deleted photos from your Mac.


Now you can quickly restore photos from the Google auto backup. You intentionally or unintentionally deleted these photos, but Google kept them in the trash for 60 days so that you can recover them any time you want.

But remember one thing, you cannot recover the photos you may have permanently deleted or have deleted more than 60 days ago in any way, so make sure you are careful enough while deleting them.

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