How to search Facebook posts by date

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How to search Facebook posts by date
  • What to know
  • Open Facebook Application > Open your profile page > Click the “Search Bar.”
  • Click the “Date Posted” option from given tabs > Choose the option “Choose A Date.”
  • Click “Done” To view posts yearly > Use the right side option to see year posts via Activity Log.

As we all know that Facebook has currently 2.6 billion active users as compared to other applications. Facebook connects us to our friends and family to share pictures, tag our friends, and even play games. Although people sometimes want to see old posts of their friends, we will show you how to search Facebook posts by date easily to re-cherish your moments.

How to search Facebook posts by date

  • Open your Facebook profile page and go to the Search Bar.
  • Click the Search Bar option to see different tabs, including posts, people, groups, photos, and videos.
  • Click the first option, “Posts,” then you will see more tabs like the Post From, Posted in Groups, Post Type, Date Posted, and Tagged Location.
  • Here, you need to pick the option “Date Posted.”
  • After the option, you need to pick “Choose a Date.”
  • Then click “Done.”

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