How to see Snapchat conversation history

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How to see Snapchat conversation history

Want to see the history of Snapchat? You are not alone. Snapchat gained top positions in social media such as WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. In particular. Because of its message functionality, Snapchat is distinct. You can specify the time limit for your message and, after 10 seconds, snapshots and videos will automatically depart.

But How to see Snapchat conversation history? It can be accomplished using a variety of ways.

The simple way uses How to see Snapchat conversation history. Fone Lab has created a tool that you may download for free for Windows and Mac. To retrieve Snapchat messages history, you must take the following steps:

  • To begin, you must first install the tool on your computer.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone after installing it.
  • Then, using a USB cord, connect your phone to your computer.
  • Then, the tool finds your phone. You must wait for a few moments.
  • After it recognizes your phone, proceed to the Android Data Recovery area of the Fone Lab tool.
  • Then click Next after selecting all of your contacts and messages.
  • You must wait a few minutes for the rooting to be completed.
  • When your device is ready, you’ll be able to see the messages that have been erased from your device.
  • Wait until you’ve recovered all of your deleted messages from Snapchat or your device.

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