How to set up a WordPress site in GoDaddy (Complete step-by-step Guide)

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Are you want to make your own personal site or you want to make a website for your business? Furthermore, if you are worried about how you can complete the setup of your WordPress site. If yes, then you are at the right guide.

Because after reading this complete WordPress setup guide you can easily see your WordPress site online. I will try to cover all thing in this complete guide so that you can do everything perfectly without any issue.

1.  Buy and set up the Hosting and domain

There are a lot of things which you need to consider in setting but don’t worry I will cover all thing in steps. Choose any WordPress hosting plan of GoDaddy according to your need. Similarly, you need to choose your domain or website address such as

After buying any hosting plan and choosing the right domain according to your business needs. You will get an interface like this. Now, It’s time to go on the products page. Simply, open your products page after logging into your GoDaddy account or refresh the page.

You will get the products page like below. You can see all products which you have brought such as domain, WordPress hosting, etc.

2.  Set up your wordpress hosting

As you can see, I am on the products page of my account. Here you can see the domains and hosting which I bought from godaddy. Furthermore, I have bought a starter hosting with Cpanel but you need to buy WordPress hosting. And simply, click on the setup button and you need to check out all the important information such as :

  • What domain do you want to choose? ( if you did buy 2 domains or more. Then, you can see both but If you brought only one domain. Then, simply click on the selected domain)
  • Choose a Data center ( you should click on the recommended option. simple!)
  • Create a WordPress website ( simply, you need to click on “let’s do it”)

After doing this complete setup of your WordPress hosting perfectly and your domain have connected through your wordpress hosting you will go on this page. But first, you need to install wordpress.

3.  Check your wordpress site is live!!!

You can see. Now, your site is live and we have set up totally of your wordpress website perfectly. If you found any issue. Then, write in comment box. We will explain you the solution. Don’t worry. You only need to write your domain in url box for checking “You have successfully installed wordpress”.

After doing complete setup and installing wordpress successfully on your website. If you want to develop your wordpress website you only need to write /wp-admin/ with your site name in url box like this.

Now, You can see your back-end of your wordpress website. It’s time to install theme in your site.

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